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A Master Planned Community

It's easy to say but hard to do. Master planning means examining the land both literally and figuratively - and determining the best way to develop it. At Linley Point master planning means looking at the bigger picture - not how to get more lots into a community, but how to orient those lots so that as many as possible have a view, or sunlight all day, or back onto a green space... at Lamont Land it means preserving natural areas for residents to enjoy and admire for years to come.

With the unique setting of Linley Point, the Lamont team recognized the need to provide architectural diversity and interest throughout the community. As a result, overhead power lines are non-existent, and street elevations vary in appealing ways which accent the land and surrounding features while complementing the craftsman and heritage styled homes.

A Master Planned Community

At Linley Point - community means creating spaces that residents can enjoy in different ways, like a casual walk or a heart-pumping run on connected pathways. A safe haven where residents can take a leisurely stroll along treelined boulevards or cycle around rejuvenating wetlands. Close to shops, restaurants, schools, healthcare services and every lifestyle amenity that you can think of... this is how truly amazing and convenient life can be at Linley Point!

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